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AWS re:Invent 2022 Announcements - Data, Infrastructure & Security Highlights

AWS re:Invent 2022 Announcements - Data, Infrastructure & Security Highlights
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Amazon made a couple of announcements today (November 29, 2022) at AWS re: Invent in Las Vegas, focusing on Data, Analytics, Infrastructure & Security. We will see the announcements that excite me in this blog post.

Data & Analytics:

  1. Zero ETL future

    When you build a data platform - ETL takes primary effort. AWS committed to building the Zero ETL future and made two great announcements toward that.

    • Amazon Aurora zero-ETL integration with Amazon Redshift

      • enables near-real-time analytics and ML on transaction data.

      • consolidate data from multiple Aurora database

      • continuous updates

      • serverless - no infrastructure to manage

    • Amazon Redshift Integration for Apache Spark

      • Now, you can run Spark queries on REshift data from EMR, Glue, and Sagemaker within seconds. No need to move the data
  2. Amazon Datazone - ML based Data management service

    • A data management service that helps orgs catalog, share and govern data.

    • Integrates with Redshift, Athena and Quicksights and provides APIs to third party sources

    • AWS Clean Room - Data sharing / masking services.

      1. I think AWS is running out the names for the product. ;-)
  3. Amazon QuickSight - ML powered

    • It includes AI-enhanced automated data preparation, making it fast & easy to enable data for natural language questions.
  4. Amazon OpenSearch Serverless

    • Run search and analytics workloads without managing clusters.

    • It’s one of the features I expected - finally, it got announced.

  5. Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments

    • A new feature for Amazon Aurora with MySQL compatibility, Amazon RDS for MySQL, and Amazon RDS for MariaDB that enables you to make database updates safer, simpler, and faster.

    • With just a few steps, you can use Blue/Green Deployments to create a separate, synchronized, fully managed staging environment that mirrors the production environment. The staging environment clones your production environment’s primary database and in-Region read replicas. Blue/Green Deployments keep these two environments in sync using logical replication


  1. Graviton: NEW 3rd generation processor. 25% faster & use 60% LESS energy.

    1. Strong momentum for Graviton

    2. 500x time increase: delivering highest performing #MachineLearning workloads. 70% lower cost per inference.

  2. AWS announces EC2 Inf2 instances

  3. AWS Simspace Weaver - Run large-scale spatial simulations in the cloud


  1. Amazon Security Lake: centralizes security data of your organization from AWS and third-party systems for quick risk response. Supports OCSF standard format. Amazon Security Lake is the first service/initiative to support OCSF open standard format - to normalize the structure for security findings across vendors and products.

  2. AWS Guard Duty - Runtime vulnerability detection for containers., attempts to access host nodes, etc. This feature will be available soon and integrates with Amazon EKS


  1. Amazon Omics - Genome large-scale multimodal analysis that integrates with Amazon Healthlake or Sagemaker

  2. AWS Supply Chain: improves visibility into systems to lower costs & improve #CX - supply chain resiliency.


There were exciting announcements in today's keynote focused on Data, Analytics & Infrastructure mostly. I'm excited to about learning these new announcements and help enterprises on their successful journey - that innovates, analyzes, and scales their enterprise data analytics platform.

I'm Siva - working as Principal Architect at Computer Enterprises Inc from Orlando. I'm an AWS Community builder. I will write a lot about Cloud, Containers, IoT, and Devops. If you are interested, please follow me @ksivamuthu on Twitter or check out my blogs at!